Viewpoint: We are all part of village caring for children

Posted at 4:34 PM on Jul 6, 2017



Many people believe that good parenting comes naturally. However, most of us know that simply is not true. The latest headlines and articles in local media vividly demonstrate that not all parents are able to care appropriately for their children without assistance. Most people also say that we need to prevent child abuse and neglect and wait for agencies to respond.

Let us think about this. Often we hear that “it takes a village to raise a child.” Too many of us forget we are a part of that village. Members of that village could offer a smile, a kind word or even information about resources to help a struggling, overwhelmed family. Or offer to watch the children for 30 minutes occasionally. Sometimes a report to the Department of Social Services will alert them to a family’s need for help before the situation becomes a crisis. It can provide help with services to address the feelings of stuck and overwhelmed as well as a safety net for children and parent. These cannot happen if the village does not reach out.

Amy Eisele is the executive director of SCAN of Iredell.

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