Viewpoint: The Amazing Race was an amazing experience

Posted at 9:00 PM on Aug 25, 2017



The heat of the moment. The stress of the situation. The sweet satisfaction of crossing the finish line.

These are the things we (The Freebies) experienced as a team Friday in the Davis Regional Amazing Race.

We started the competition at the Statesville Soccer Complex, completing task after task of obstacles which included corn hole, soccer, disc golf, knocker ball and a series of passing cup after cup of water over each other’s heads to fill a bucket. Despite the fact that some unknown, opposing team member ran into me while I was in a giant, plastic tube of inflated air while running a course (the knocker ball) in which I went sailing into the air, this first exercise was a true test of teamwork. We had to alternate, and learn each other’s skills from the first instance that we began. At each task, we earned individual pieces that ultimately led us to solve a puzzle and pushed us to the next challenges.

In the course of our long day, in which we covered most of Iredell County, we ran an obstacle course with a small puppy in the Troutman ESC Park; we flipped a tire across a great distance at a YMCA; and gained a new appreciation for firefighters as we tackled a scenario challenge in which, blind-folded to create the scenario of smoke, we completed an obstacle course which included tunnels, heights and dragging a 110-pound dummy to safety all while wearing firemen’s gear.

We answered trivia questions, constructed a tower out of set mouse-traps, built a bicycle, made sandwiches, drove a little too expertly through an obstacle with drunk goggles and putted and bean-bagged our way to third place.

That’s right! Third place out of 25 teams!

We, Statesville Free News, are new to the Amazing Race. As a fairly new business, this was our first year competing. And believe me when I say we were extremely proud of ourselves.

At times, we found ourselves fed up with the challenges, out of breath, and ready to quit. But our team, as a whole, carried us through. We learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We deciphered our destination clues with knowledge from all four of our teammates. We learned to trust.

I believe that is what helped us place in this race. Our versatile thinking and experience helped us to solve problems and carry out challenges from the beginning.

I will admit, we didn’t enter this race with the slightest expectation that we would get as far as we did.

When reflecting over the hours of physical and mental labor, we not only worked to accomplish our tasks as a team but we also proved ourselves as individuals. We pushed ourselves to limits that we did not know we could reach. We sought answers that we didn’t know were possible to find. And, ultimately, our individual experiences helped create a dynamic team effort.

To all of the Amazing Race Teams that competed, I say be proud of yourselves. The things we did today could not be done without a total team commitment to the cause.

The Davis Regional Amazing Race is certainly worth competing in. At the end of the day, you are tired and worn from all of the strenuous challenges but at the same time you feel satisfied at the things you experienced. And looking back, we not only strengthened our relationships with our teammates, but also built new ones with our competitors.So stay strong Amazing Race competitors, hold your head high, and know that you completed a challenge that not many would attempt. You pushed your limits, you solved the impossible and you completed an amazing race.

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