Letter to the Editor: Statesville's future hangs in balance of Tuesday's election

Posted at 5:51 PM on Oct 9, 2017


To the Editor:

I have been asked repeatedly to weigh in on the Oct. 10 municipal elections in Statesville. I have remained withdrawn due to the positions I hold within the N.C. Republican Party, but I feel there are several things you should keep in mind when voting Tuesday:

1. Industrial Growth: This is the key to growing Statesville as a city. The current streetscape and art additions to downtown are aesthetically pleasing but are of no real benefit to job seekers. Our money should be spent developing an inventory of industrial sites ready for business and ready to put Statesville back to work.

2. Retail Growth: I hear people saying they want particular retail stores here in Statesville. What you have to realize is the retailers will not open a location unless the area fits a matrix based on population and per capita income. In order to increase our population and per capita income, we must have good paying jobs to attract people to Statesville. This is directly related to industrial growth.

3. Infrastructure: Another factor in attracting business and industry is infrastructure. The infrastructure we have in place is outdated and unable to handle substantial growth. We are at the crossroads of two major interstates but have failed to capitalize on that for years.

When all of these factors are properly planned out, we will have a roadmap for economic development and success, which Statesville has lacked for many years. With that type of plan in place, Statesville could be an economic powerhouse for years to come and provide our children with a future we can all be proud of. So when you cast your ballots, vote for candidates who have your best interests at heart, who will be accountable, and who will be good stewards of your hard earned money. Choose wisely. Our future depends on it!

T.J. Johnson

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