Letter to the Editor: Police, Iredell County DSS respond quickly to abuse report

Posted at 7:41 PM on Jul 18, 2017


To the Editor:

I met a mother and daughter for the first time. Within minutes, the mother shared her situation of domestic violence. Her young daughter shared her experience of abusive punishment from her father. β€œI get scared,” she said.

I told the mother I would have to make a report of abuse and neglect to the Department of Social Services. In more than 25 years of working with families at risk for abuse and neglect, I have never had a parent react as this mother did. She immediately began making plans to move by the end of the day.

In my efforts to help this family, I feel I put that little girl at greater risk of being hurt. I was distressed and drove to the nearby police station. With their help, I was able to speak to a DSS investigator to make that report. I learned later that police and the investigator visited the family and talked to the child. I did what I could to develop safety for that little girl but it seemed so little. I pray it is enough.

I speak at a candlelight vigil against child abuse and often say, β€œIt takes a village to keep a child safe.” I cannot know what the future holds for this mother and daughter. I do know that the police and Iredell County DSS staff moved quickly to help. On behalf of the little girl, and all the others they serve, thank you.

Laurie Trosuk, parent aid
SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now)

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