Letter to the Editor: Mayor Kutteh has demonstrated his passion for service

Posted at 12:59 AM on Oct 7, 2017


To the Editor:

Forty-one years ago, as we arrived in New Orleans on our honeymoon, my husband and I realized that while packing separately, we had forgotten several things. The one thing that we both remembered, however, was our running shoes. I am proud that today, although sometimes walking, we still run together.

I must admit living in Statesville was not my first dream home. However, after having lived here, having raised three beautiful daughters here, having worked and volunteered here and having watched my husband thrive and care for his hometown, I am more convinced than ever that this is where we were meant to be and that he should continue to be your mayor!

Costi loves Statesville and is passionate about serving all citizens. We try to support each other without ever losing our individual identities. He never puts restrictions on my ways to show my love for our town. And hopefully I never keep him from sharing his talents and willingness to be a public servant.

I ask you to vote for Constantine (Costi) Kutteh for mayor! He is ethical, smart, committed and experienced. He is the total package!

WIn or lose, we will continue to run/walk together. But I hope as he picks up trash, cleans storm drains, checks city lights and readjusts recycling containers on our morning jaunts he will continue to be your mayor!

Please re-elect Costi Kutteh. He has my love and support. I promise, when you do, Mrs. Santa Claus will give him running/walking shoes for the next four years!

Teresa Kutteh

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