Letter to the Editor: Mayor Kutteh is a devoted public servant

Posted at 8:51 AM on Oct 20, 2017


To the Editor:

This letter is in support of Costi Kutteh in his efforts to become re-elected as mayor of Statesville. I don’t participate in politics. I do not know his opponent, Michael Johnson, and cannot speak to either his strengths or weaknesses. However, I do know Costi very well, having been his law partner for 12 years and his employee for four years before that. I have had the opportunity of observing him in a wide variety of situations, and I have had an opportunity to see facets of his personality and examples of his dedication to the citizens of Statesville that the public does not witness.

Costi is first and foremost a tireless public servant. There is rarely a morning when he is not actively conducting city business on his telephone in the parking lot behind our office, or an evening when he is not addressing city business while walking out the door. Costi treats each and every person with whom he interacts with the utmost respect, whether it be a homeless panhandler or corporate executive interested in coming to Statesville. Costi actually listens to people, and he cares about their thoughts and concerns regardless of whether or not he agrees with their point of view.

The general public likely does not know that Mayor Kutteh would go to the exhaustive lengths to help someone that is truly in need, or that his generosity with countless, local charitable causes is quite significant and stems from his true concern for the welfare of others. Not only is Costi generous with his wallet, but he is also generous with his time and his effort.

You may not know these things about Costi because he does not do these things for political gain, publicity or gratitude from the recipients of his generosity. He does these things because he knows they are the right things to do. He cares about people, and he cares about Statesville. A better choice for mayor I cannot imagine, and I truly hope that the citizens of Statesville go to the polls on November 7 to re-elect him as mayor.

Charles Schieck

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