Letter to the Editor: Let's honor our veterans every day

Posted at 7:44 AM on Nov 9, 2017


To the Editor:

On November 11 and every day we must continue to honor our veterans, worthy men and women who have given their best when they were called upon to serve and protect this country. We thank them for their unselfish service in the continual struggle to preserve our freedoms, to protect this country with safety, and preserve this country’s heritage. They may be stationed here in the United States or half-way around the world.

Every year we recall the battles before today. We shall remember the officers that guided and protected their soldiers in any battle. All veterans have faced the hardship of war regardless of when they served.

When veterans became Prisoners of War each may have experienced a journey of hurt and conflict. When life was lost or the loss of limbs, their families were touched by these troublesome acts of war. Even today, there are POWs that are lost somewhere in this world. We shall remember all and remain very hopeful more will come home in the near future.

Bless each veteran richly for the hardships they have faced, for the sacrifices they made and for their many different contributions. POW families are to be appreciated for the sacrifices during their times of waiting or with the loss of their children.

Continue to say “Thank You” to all veterans every day. Also, remember to display your United States flag with pride for freedom’s call and the legacy of our forefathers as veterans. May we pray that the Lord will watch over all veterans and bless them with peace.

Carolyn Hall Sherrill

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