Letter to the Editor: Former council member backs Johnson in mayoral race

Posted at 7:34 AM on Sep 28, 2017


To the Editor:

I served on the Statesville City Council with Michael Johnson for six years. When first becoming a council member, I knew that there would be a learning curve before I could become an effective representative for Ward 3. During the first few months of my term, I carefully observed the experienced councilmen with a mind to select one as a mentor.

I selected Michael Johnson after it became clear to me that Michael had a vision for the growth, development and improvement of our city for all citizens. And I was right. Michael has worked diligently for more than a decade to move Statesville to the precipice of great opportunity in our region. Without his vision and work, there would be no beautiful busy downtown Statesville. There would be no fire and police department coming in the new government center in South Statesville. There would be no excessive water treatment capacity at the Third Creek plant. There would be no streetscape plan for the Shelton Avenue corrider. There would be no $80 million improvement plan for the Statesville Regional Airport and much much more. These are all things we now have, all of which make Statesville attractive for companies searching for locations ito create jobs, develop housing and open retail establishments.

I supported Michael every step of the way in making these things come to fruition. It is my opinion that if we are to take advantage of the many opportunities which we now see may come our way, it is important that we elect Michael Johnson as our mayor on October 10. He has vision. He knows how to build consensus. He will provide the leadership we need. I strongly urge the election of Michael Johnson for mayor of the City of Statesville.

Bonita Eisele

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