The amazing adventures of Kitty Boo Boo

Posted at 7:13 PM on Aug 30, 2017



It all began with a suspicious black car and a cat named Kitty Boo Boo gone missing.

I didn’t know that, of course, when the slightly pudgy orange cat approached me on the sidewalk and began to rub my ankles. Soon, we were hanging out on the porch, and she was nibbling my toes and voicing a very familiar complaint: “Feed me.”

So, I did. And while she chowed down on a bowl of food — clearly, this cat loved to eat — I posted a picture of the sweet kitty with an injured ear on Facebook, hoping someone was missing her.

Within moments, I had a response. She’d been missing a week and several friends identified her owner and posted a phone number.

That’s when the fun began on my end. Inside the house were my five cats, and they stood between me and the cat carrier needed to contain the cat until its owner was able to arrive.

All were napping, and I tried to sneak the orange cat through the house to where the carrier was stowed. I set her down for just a second to open the door and ...

And then all went just as you might have predicted. Our dog Iggy caught sight of the intruder through the glass back doors. There was barking, howling, hissing, puffing — and then the other cats got involved.

The orange kitty was on the run through the house and all the cats looked like they’d encountered an electric socket as they gave chase.

I did what anyone who’s been bitten by a cat and hospitalized for six days would do — I donned a pair of oven mitts and waded into the fray.

I finally managed to corral the orange kitty in the kitchen and shut out everyone else and coaxed her into the carrier thanks to a can of wet cat food. Meanwhile, on the other side of the kitchen door was a chorus of wails that were barely drowned out by the sound of the dog’s barking.

Within five minutes, orange kitty’s owner arrived and I learned her name was really Kitty Boo Boo and she was no stranger to drama.

She’d had two owners pass away, one move and was now essentially a very beloved neighborhood cat who was well-cared-for by her latest adopted family and those living nearby.

Enter the black car and the girl who was spotted last week putting Kitty Boo Boo into the car and driving away -- more than a mile from where we live.

What happened between then and the moment she found my porch will likely forever remain a mystery. But it is safe to say that Kitty Boo Boo is back where she belongs, and likely on to the next adventure … and meal.

Amy Fuhrman is an editor at

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