Viewpoint: Mack family sets a great example for the rest of us

What happened to the times when we used to get together as a family to celebrate each other's victories, encourage each other through life's challenges, and reminisce about the family members who paved the way and have gone on before us?

Letter to the Editor: ICSO Teen Academy provides participants with valuable lessons

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Financial Focus: Five tips for women business owners

Are you a woman considering “setting up shop” on your own? If so, here are five tips to consider:

Viewpoint: One of us is ready for college ...

Turns out that 'blink of an eye' advice is true

Letter to the Editor: Mayoral candidate has experience, vision to lead city

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Financial Focus: Consider diversifying your investments and consolidating your providers

You have probably heard that diversification is a key to investment success.

Viewpoint: In the corporate world, is 'good' ever good enough?

Some are guided by a different definition of success

Letter to the Editor: Police, Iredell County DSS respond quickly to abuse report

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Viewpoint: An old dog, a box of ashes and a long goodbye

Perspectives: Mike Fuhrman

Viewpoint: We are all part of village caring for children

Guest Viewpoint: Mom and Medicaid

Congress and President Trump want to cut Medicaid benefits

Viewpoint: Life in the food desert of South Statesville

Bringing grocery store, school to community should be priority

Guest Viewpoint: It's time to get right!

Jarrod Phifer is a member of the Statesville City Council.

Financial Focus: ​Smart moves for 'Empty Nesters'

Viewpoint: On Father's Day, gratitude for not having to say goodbye

Financial Focus: Diversify your portfolio with bonds (even if rates are low)

The ability to receive regular payments may help improve your cash flow and possibly help you avoid selling stocks to meet unexpected costs, such as an expensive car repair.

The meaning of Memorial Day: One veteran’s perspective

Dale Beatty is the co-founder of Purple Heart Homes.

Viewpoint: Support, advocacy are critical to helping people with mental illness

If you become aware of someone in the midst of a mental health crisis, assess the situation for safety, and, if necessary, call 911. Otherwise, call the Partners Access to Care line – 888-235-HOPE (4673).

Letter to the Editor: Community support for My Sister's House greatly appreciated

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Viewpoint: Nothing compares to losing a child

Compassionate Friends of Mooresville offers support for grieving parents.

Viewpoint: Lessons learned from seeking a better understanding of self, others

David Bradley is the president and CEO of the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce.

Financial Focus: Your life insurance needs will change over time

Insurance can be important at every stage of your life. You’ll help yourself – and your loved ones – by getting the coverage you need when you need it.

Viewpoint: The Tom Dooley Project was a huge success

I hope this group will create another historical drama. The Statesville community clearly demonstrated an interest in this type of theater.

Viewpoint: The best nurses care for patients' mind, body and spirit

May 6-12 is Nurses Week.

Letter to the Editor: School district should return to the basics

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Open Letter to the City Council: Please reconsider decision to rename Lakewood Park

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Viewpoint: Power of the Cross Identity Rally offers chance for a new direction

Christian rally will be held April 30-May at 1426 Northside Drive, Statesville. Free dinner will be provided to the first 1,000 people each night.

What I learned about entrepreneurship from being born with a club foot

Viewpoint: Parks Thompson's parents provided a valuable life lesson at early age.

Financial Focus: Gifts – and tips – for new graduates

Consider offering a combination of financial gifts and tips, which, taken together, could set your graduate on a path toward a successful, independent life.

Financial Focus: Don’t get swayed by these investment 'myths'

Maggie Shoobridge column: Five myths you should ignore when investing.

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