From left, SPD Officer Kathleen Austin, Chief of Police Joseph Barone, Sgt. Charlie Rambo, Mayor Costi Kutteh, SPD Cpl. Devin Schenz, and City Manager Larry Pressley pose for a photo with the CALEA Accreditation Certification at City Hall.

Statesville Police Department earns national accreditation

Posted at 3:26 PM on Dec 4, 2017


Pictured are Statesville Mayor Costi Kutteh, City Manager Larry Pressley, Statesville City Council members, Chief of Police Joseph Barone, Sgt. Charlie Rambo, Cpl. Devin Schenz and Officer Kathleen Austin.

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After more than two years of hard work and preparation, the Statesville Police Department received notification on November 18 that it had received accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement (CALEA). This designation recognizes the SPD as an agency committed to professional excellence in policy and procedure.

Throughout the process, staff was interviewed and department procedures were reviewed to determine the SPD’s compliance with the 189 standards set forth by CALEA. The SPD had 100 percent compliance on all the standards.

On Nov. 18, Chief Joe Barone, City Manager Larry Pressley and Sgt. Charlie Rambo attended a CALEA hearing in Jacksonville, Fla. This final step in the accreditation process is designed to address how the SPD faired in the final report.

Barone described the 25-page report as being very detailed and thorough and praised the department’s level of professionalism and morale, as well as its management of numerous community-related programs.

“I am extremely proud of the whole department and am very grateful to the leadership Sgt. Rambo demonstrated throughout this accreditation process. The Statesville community was also an important part of this award. We will continue to work with community groups and individuals and other law enforcement agencies to insure that the Statesville Police Department maintains this certification,” Barone said. “We are committed to being a nationally-recognized police department.”

Barone also highlighted some of the accreditation steps:

In March 2015, the SPD joined CALEA, and was given three years to comply with the 189 standards set by CALEA. The department’s policies and procedures were updated. To show compliance, the accreditation team developed proofs and data.

The online portion of the audit began in July 2017. During the online audit, two CALEA assessors audited the department’s policies and procedures and reviewed the proofs. This lasted about two weeks.

The next step was to host the CALEA assessors for a three-day “onsite” audit. The lead assessor was Retired Police Chief John Mason from Ohio and Retired Police Chief Carter Greene from Georgia. According to Barone, the audit went very well and the SPD was found to be 100 percent in compliance with the CALEA standards.

As part of the hearing process in Jacksonville, Barone told the committee how critical it is for SPD personnel to hold themselves accountable, demonstrating transparency and credibility within the department and in the community.

After the CALEA committee voted unanimously to award the department with national accreditation, Rambo and Barone were asked to be interviewed on film about their experience and advice on the process. The video will be shown to other law enforcement agencies interested in joining CALEA and going through the process.

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