Statesville council approves condemnation of six homes

Posted at 4:55 AM on May 16, 2017



The Statesville City Council on Monday approved the condemnation of six structures deemed unfit for human occupancy.

Efforts to contact the property owners were unsuccessful, city officials said. In some case, the property owner was deceased.

The structures are located at:
928 Caldwell Street (along with two accessory structures);
1322 5th Street;
725 Bryant Street;
1131 4th Street;
711 Fayetteville Avenue; and
1711 East Greenbriar Road

City Planning Director David Currier told council members that all of the properties met state requirements for condemnation. They are the first of about 20 homes in the pipeline for possible condemnation.

Mayor Costi Kutteh said the action was the culmination of efforts under a process city staff began last year. Planning staff, working with the Statesville Housing Authority, has been identifying properties in that are in severe disrepair that present a health and/or safety hazard.

The six properties condemned on Monday have been vacant and in disrepair for a number of years, officials said, and property taxes have not been paid on several of the properties. Children reside in the surrounding area, and could be injured if they venture onto the vacant properties, officials said.

A public hearing was conducted for each property at Monday's council meeting; however, no one spoke.

The mayor suggested that the once the structures are demolished and the lots cleared, the properties should be sold so the city can recover some of the demolition costs.

Also on Monday, the council:
Approved the purchase of reclosers from Siemens Industry, Inc. in the amount of $64,167.
Approved the first reading of an ordinance to annex the SMG Leasing Properties located at and adjacent to 212 Sherlock Drive
Approved the first reading of Rezoning Requests ZC17-16 filed by the SMG Leasing for the properties located at and adjacent to 212 Sherlock Drive; Tax Maps 4755-87-5333 & 4755-87-1399; from Iredell County Residential Agricultural District to the City of Statesville Office and Institutional Complex District for a medical office building
Approved additional construction and contingency funds for the I-77 Rest Area Sewer project, and approval of Budget Amendment No. 37.
Approved an ordinance establishing a 20 mph speed limit on Cooper Street between East Front Street and East Broad Street with appropriate signage to accompany the change.

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