Commissioners help clear way for another Dollar General store

Posted at 6:02 AM on Nov 8, 2017



Iredell County commissioners approved a controversial rezoning request for a new Dollar General Store on Shearers Road in South Iredell on Tuesday over the objections of many nearby residents.

Teramore Development requested approximately 1.97 acres off Shearers Road, near the intersection of Rocky River Road, be rezoned from residential agricultural to neighborhood business.

The land is currently under Iredell County’s jurisdiction and the Town of Mooresville has asked the county to release jurisdiction of the property, a request that was also approved by the board.

During a public hearing Tuesday, several residents spoke in opposition to the proposed 9,100-square-foot Dollar General store, which will be located across the street from the Food Lion on Shearers Road.

Mooresville resident Bill Boyco said that an online petition was launched in an attempt to block the rezoning. The effort garnered 430 signatures, with many people leaving comments.

You can read the petition online at:

Many of those who oppose the Dollar General live in the Curtis Pond neighborhood and the surrounding area, which makes up 570 homes, Boyco explained. Critics of the plan argue that it will create traffic congestion in an area that’s “already a dangerous location.”

“I have personally seen too many accidents in the past two-and-a-half years in that location,” Boyco said.

He also mentioned that three seats on the County Commission will be on the 2018 ballot.

Some neighbors expressed distrust over the results of a traffic study and questioned why another Dollar General was needed with two other Dollar General stores in close proximity as well as a Walmart neighborhood market nearby.

A Teramore Development representative told commissioners Tuesday evening that the development company is trying to cooperate with all parties involved and are area already “up against the wall” with the timeline for construction as their request has been delayed twice during two public hearings.

Vice Chairman Tommy Bowles defended Tuesday’s vote simply by reading aloud the planning board’s recommendation to the board of commissioners, which states:

“Motion to approve the zoning map amendment and to make a finding that the approval is consistent with the adopted 2030 Horizon Plan and that said approval is reasonable and in the public interest and furthers the goals of the 2030 Horizon Plan because it is within the rural commercial designation and is adjacent to commercially zoned property.”

Bowles also addressed traffic and lighting concerns prior to making an official motion.

“It’s probably going to get a little worst before it’s corrected,” he said.

Bowles mentioned that the N.C. Department of Transportation’s decision to expand Faith Road by adding a right-turn lane has created traffic issues during the past month.

“The reality is that the numbers have got to drive that (change),” the vice chairman said. “As soon as the traffic numbers get to a point, then DOT will move forward with getting that light.”

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