Channing Tatum discusses dance with Statesville clerk on Entertainment Tonight

Posted at 6:01 AM on Aug 11, 2017



Local gas station clerk Beatrice Burch has become an Internet sensation after actor Channing Tatum stopped into the West Front Street Sunoco gas station and the pair broke out in dance.

Tatum was headed to Knoxville to promote his new film, “Logan Lucky,” which about two brothers who try to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina, when he stopped in Statesville.

After making a purchase, Tatum went behind the gas station counter and proceeded to dance with Burch to the Nas’ song, “If I Ruled the World.” Tatum added in some of his signature moves from “Magic Mike.” The six-minute video, which was streamed live from Tatum’s Facebook account, has been viewed more than 15 million times.

“I was afraid she was going to get fired if I stayed any longer,” Tatum said in an Entertainment Tonight interview, as he described Burch’s dancing. “I love her.”

To add to the surprise, it appears Burch wasn’t even aware of the celebrity she was dancing with. Nevertheless, she was all smiles as she danced with Tatum.

“If it wasn’t for Jenna, I would have married Beatrice,” Tatum said at the Knoxville premiere, as he refers to his wife, who is also an actress and a dancer. “(Beatrice) was about to be my date tonight.”

Throughout the video, Tatum also jokes with puzzled customers that he is the store manager, takes a photo with a fan, and signs a hat for Burch before leaving.


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