ABOVE: Four past and current presidents of the Statesville Garden Council (from left)Marylou Goodman, Charlene Sims, Mike Trivette, Shirley Tuttle.

Statesville Garden Council celebrates 70-year history

Posted at 4:50 AM on Nov 8, 2017


Local garden club members pose for a photo at a gathering to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Statesville Garden Council.

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When the dress was heels, hats and white gloves, women gathered to learn about gardening – plants for the home and yard as well as how to display them in shows. Communication was vital and meetings were the answer to get the rules and the help that was needed. Education was the aim of clubs as well as neighbors getting together to share what worked and did not work for them. Club competitions for ribbons and bragging rights soon became a way of showcasing the talents of members.

On October 21, 1947, garden clubs from Iredell County formed a council to help them be informed on news from the state and national level. There were projects and awards as well as flower shows and meetings to attend. With improvement of other forms of education, the number of clubs has dropped from over 50 to only four clubs in the Statesville Council. With so many hobbies today, the gardening that once was such a challenge has become a family project and the internet the instructor.

On October 13, 2017, the clubs celebrated the 70 years of the council's existence with displays of yesteryear -- club yearbooks and history in pictures of days gone by. There are still lots of garden clubs in Iredell County but with the instant communication and time restraints on families, finding time to meet in a council has dropped. Clubs have chosen to go their own way of learning as careers have cut into leisure time.

The clubs of Statesville, Troutman, Mooresville and Cornelius still enjoy the lasting friendships that bond them as members interested in all kinds of gardening.

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For information on any clubs or council, contact Charline Sims at charline.s@windstream.net or Mike Trivette ar gsic@iredell.lib.nc.us

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