Mobile Gemstone Mining brings field trip, fun to preschoolers

Posted at 8:45 AM on Sep 21, 2017



First Baptist Church preschoolers went on an educational field trip Wednesday without leaving the church grounds.

The young students spent the morning learning about about rocks, fossils, and gems from the staff at Mobile Gemstone Mining, who brought the field trip to the Davie Avenue church from Winston-Salem.

Ms. Jessica, a teacher, wore a bright orange shirt that summed up the purpose of the activity: “Learning is not a spectator sport.So let’s play.”

She’s taught the 4-year-old class for two years and thinks the traveling mining venue is a great idea. A former elementary school teacher, she explained that some children have very few good learning opportunities outside of school.

“For these guys, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” she said. “I can use this to tie into a rock lesson, showing the kids they sink and float.”

Wade Boone, the owner of Mobile Gemstone Mining, works to make the experience fun and educational. Each child leaves with some take-home literature and a “lucky rock.”

After cracking open a geode and letting the children pass it around, he said he enjoys watching the preschoolers learn.

“I’ve been in children’s entertainment since 1973, but we started the mobile unit six years ago,” Boone said. “I like to see the children smile and start a possible passion for gem mining.”

Meanwhile, Wilson said it was the easiest “field trip” she’s ever had.

“We’re just having fun,” she said. “It may spark a love in the children for mining and gemstones.”

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