Statesville Publix set to open in five days

Posted at 1:31 PM on Mar 17, 2017



Statesville's new Publix grocery store will open its doors to the public in less than a week. Residents driving past North Pointe Shopping Center can't miss the giant 20-foot-tall inflatable grocery bag filled with Publix products. The display serves as a countdown until the store's opening day.

Statesville residents may have even seen the mobile billboard truck making its rounds through the streets, proclaiming a message from Publix: “(We) can’t wait to meet you Statesville.”

The 45,000-square-foot store promises to bring a variety of options to Statesville, with the usual grocery store amenities such as a bakery, deli, and meat department on site. Additionally, Publix will bring unique options with fresh, premium floral products, lifestyle sections, a variety of spirits, healthy and organic products and more.

“From the moment you walk into your new Publix, you’ll discover that things are a little different here,” Publix representative Chris Hendrickson said in a statement made this week, as he described the grocery store's features. “The real Publix difference starts with our people. No matter where you are in the store, our associates are easy to find and ready to serve. They’re what make Publix special, every day.”

The grand opening of Publix is set for March 22 at 7 a.m. The new store is located at 134 Venture Lane in the North Pointe Shopping Center, at the intersection of Turnersburg Highway and North Pointe Boulevard.

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