Bleached A Salon bringing colorful vibe to Statesville

Posted at 6:24 PM on Aug 13, 2017



There’s a new, modern and very colorful vibe coming to the Statesville style scene thanks to Bleached A Salon.

The salon, which will hold its grand opening on Monday at 111 East Water Street, is designed to inspire creativity, said owner Marett Mattox Henniger.

Henniger, 31, recounts her journey to opening her own business in Statesville.

After going away to a four year university, Henniger quickly realized that college wasn’t for her. After returning home, Henniger took an interest in cosmetology, and began school with Mitchell Community College’s cosmetology program in 2010.

“I excelled quickly,” Henniger said. “I knew I was in the right place doing the right thing. I had a passion for it.”

Henniger not only excelled at the basics of hair styling, but picked up on a new concept called Unicorn style, which involves uniquely colored hair. Before moving to Los Angeles, Henniger saw a social media post from one of her favorite hairstylists, Alexis Thurston. That post inspired her to mentor with Thurston and improve her skills.

“I knew immediately that not only did I want fun colored hair, but I wanted to know how to do it,” Henniger said. “(Alexis Thurston) and her husband David (who is also a stylist) helped me find my way while I was (in L.A.) They also hosted coloring classes and I took as many as I could.”

Henniger is getting her own recognition, with the social media posts she shares of her client creations. Her pictures include styles featuring natural colors interwoven with bright pops of red and blue, or long locks sporting an array of rainbow colors.

“I find inspiration in anything from cartoon characters to nature to cars,” Henniger said. “I actually have emerald green hair because I wanted to match my 1953 Pontiac.”

Many of Henniger’s clients enjoy the marketing portion of the salon experience, which involves back-drop lights and a setup of professional photography.

“I think most of my clients look forward to the photo session more than the actual hair service,” said Henniger. “It's all about making the person in your chair feel like they matter. It all just adds that little extra boost to their confidence.”

But Henniger’s true passion lies with the ability to teach others.

“I am the sole salon owner but I don't look at it as being mine,” Henniger said. “I think that's what makes me different. My success is valued in watching other succeed.”

Henniger spoke of struggling through her first years after graduating from hair school because of criticism. Since returning from L.A., she’s seen this same type of criticism affect other young stylists.

“I’ve always had that passion but when I started giving advice and I saw it could work, it clicked that I could actually do this,” said Henniger as she explained the joy she feels from seeing others blossom. “When I was fresh out of school, I almost quit because I got jaded. I was young and couldn’t take the criticism. But I want to take that and take out the meanness of the criticism and help them build themselves up. I want to see all of (my stylists) be the best they can be – because these are my girls.”

Henniger’s passion for others carried through in the naming of her salon.

“I wanted it to represent all of us not just me,” Henniger said. “Because it's about my team – not myself. I couldn't have done it without my team.”

Currently, the salon houses five stylists: master stylists Marett Henniger and Erica Walker ($$$), a junior-level stylist Tiffany Sprinkle ($$), and two new-talent stylists Mindy Pope and Samantha Mattox ($).

Walk-ins are welcome. Hours will vary based on client needs. The salon can be contacted at 980-223-2873.

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